A Resolution Worth Adopting

Eight days into the new year might be a bit late for a post about New Year Resolutions, but, the fact is, each day is ripe for resolutions. So, regardless of whether you have made a resolution for this year or not, here are my two universal suggestions for how to improve yourself–beginning today.

1.) On the physical front, floss more often. I’m sure this doesn’t apply to a handful of folks, but it definitely applies to most. If that seems too cumbersome, just floss around those teeth that you want to keep. [Aside: Get some K2 in your diet too.]

2.) On the spiritual front, NEVER LIE AGAIN. If you have given thought to the morality of lying and not concluded that it is always sinful, then you might be additionally guilty of casuistry. In the interest of brevity, I offer this simplest of explanaitons:

God is Truth–not _a_ truth, not one truth among many, not even the greatest truth. He IS Truth. Few things are so certain. A lie is, definitionally, inherently, without exception, contrary to truth–this is the character that makes it a lie. Every lie is an offense to truth and thus an offense to God.  It is no accident that Satan is identified as the progenitor of lies.

So, commit to it! Resolve that from this day forward you will never deliberately knowingly utter a false statement ever again.

Not everyone is a liar; only those who lie.

Fit to Banish: or boing-boing banned facts

I’m done with Boing-Boing, the website. I just discovered that I have been banned from posting any comments on the site. “Why?” is the obvious question. To figure out the answer, I reviewed the few remarks I’ve made, the most recent of which is from 2 weeks ago. It was written in response to an inflammatory article accusing Cardinal Timothy Dolan of “[paying] off priests” who had raped children. Of the many persons commenting on the story, only a few had the mental competence, integrity, and/or courage to interject some truth into the proceedings.

When I found a comment worthy of praise, I shared:

“Also: http://goo.gl/rPjvT

“In effect, to be upset about this route of getting rid of bad priests expeditiously, is to be upset about getting rid of priests expeditiously because there exists no speedy alternative. Look at that, the Church is the pragmatist, leaving the naysayers to be …

“People keep saying, ‘Report them to the police,’ but what the heck is that meant to do? ‘So, we have a customer who complained to us about an employee sexually [molesting] him.’ To which the cops will respond with, ‘So what?’ It’s called heresay, and it holds no water, legally, whatsoever. Victims should be happy if the priest is laicized, and they must bring the case themselves to the civil authorities. That’s more basic than Law 101.”

This comment of mine, it seems, is the one reason that the people over at Boing-Boing have seen fit to ban me. So, to them, I say, “Good riddance.” If I cannot speak truth in your midst, what reason have I to be present?

Boing-Boing is no haven for truth, objectivity, or tolerance. Clearly, those of us who have the integrity to defend the scapegoats are ourselves equally demonized. I depart in good conscience, knowing that I made a sincere, respectful proposition of truth and was rejected for it.

May God have mercy on them.

Perhaps, one day, those deluded atheists will be struck by Truth and convert, just as Leah Libresco was. As she said, the concept of truth is a “gateway drug.”