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Here is Pope Francis’ new encyclical Laudato Si’ in ePub format.  Now in Kindle format too.  Get it for your Kindle, Nook, tablet, e-reader, and smartphone.

Laudato Si’ is freely available on the Vatican website, only in html format and a poorly formatted pdf file, but you may also download the encyclical in a variety of formats below. So, whether you want to download Laudato Si’ ( Praise Be To You ) for your Kindle, Nook, tablet, smartphone, pc, or anything else, you can get it here.  Download the Laudato Si epub or Kindle format below.

This is nothing more than the publicly available content repacked in additional formats (plus a decent cover image).  Download Laudato Si’ in a format compatible with your e-reader now.  Read the Holy Father’s encyclical on the environment and care for our common home.  Please, disseminate the Pope’s encyclical; share it on Twitter and Facebook.


Download Laudato Si epub and mobi for your e-reader ( Kindle, Nook, tablet, smartphone, etc. ).

Laudato Si
Laudato Si
Version: Kindle
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Laudato Si
Laudato Si
Version: .ePub
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Laudato Si
Laudato Si
Version: Full Page PDF
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^^^ Praise Be To You for Kindle and other ereaders ^^^

For some insight into Pope Francis’ encyclical, I recommend checking out  In particular, Ryan Mayer has a great piece up now about 10 Things in Laudato Si You Won’t Hear About From the Media.

Please, inform me if there are any other formats you would like to see.  It is my hope that the Pope’s words will reach the large audience for which his words are intended, and I believe that the ability to read his encyclical in ebook formats will greatly advance the mission of reaching the whole world with this message.  Pray that the world heeds Pope Francis’ exhortations to care for the earth in order to care for the people of the world.

If you are looking for Pope Francis’ earlier documents, Lumen Fidei and Evangelii Gaudium, you can find them here too.

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Laudato Si’ is also available in hardcover and paperback, from Ignatius Press and Our Sunday Visitor, respectively.

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