An Intolerable Prophet

There’s a man going around very publicly criticizing the government, and, worse, he’s preaching. I don’t mean that he is talking about ‘god’ in the abstract or in some vague, agnostic sense. No, he’s preaching about Jesus the Christ. And he’s using his religious beliefs to justify all manner of social and political ideas that he expounds in massive public gatherings. He’s quoting the Bible. He’s quoting Sts. Augustine and Aquinas. He’s appealing to “Natural Law”! And on top of all of this, the man is advocating civil disobedience. He is condemning the ruling class for their “abuses” and so-called “injustices.”

Thanks be to God for sending MLK when he did, because his message is intolerable today. Men who say what he said are now known as intolerant bigots. If that isn’t a testament to the current perversion of society, I don’t know what is.