Lumen Fidei Audio is Free Too

Everyone’s favorite Fr. Z. has gone and done what I considered doing last week, he made an audio recording of the encyclical Lumen Fidei, the new one that was co-authored by Benedict and Francis.–Thank God that he did, because, among other reasons, mine wouldn’t have sounded very good at all.–You may download the audio of Lumen Fidei in mp3 format over at Fr. Z. blog.

Be sure to offer him a big “Thank you,” and consider throwing a few nickels in his donation box.  He is a quality guy who has produced a quality audio version of a quality encyclical by some high quality Popes.  We need to encourage this sort of activity.  Go listen and be blessed.

Lumen Fidei is Free

Lumen Fidei is freely available on the vatican website, in html and a very poorly formatted pdf file, but you may also download the encyclical in a variety of formats ( epub, mobi, pdf, txt, doc, rtf, etc. ) here or below.  So, whether you want to download Lumen Fidei for your Kindle, Nook, tablet, phone, pc, or anything else, head to that link.

That download source was posted by ‘Catholic Files‘ in the comments section of Simcha Fischer’s article about Brandon Vogt receiving takedown notices for having made the text of Lumen Fidei available in various formats on his own site.

My two cents on the matter: Lumen Fidei is an encyclical of the Holy Father, and, as such, it belongs to the whole Church and ought to be disseminated as widely as possible.  The process of disseminating the work necessarily means making it available in as many forms as possible, so it was a generous act of Mr. Vogt, and now ‘Catholic Files,’ to undertake the task of format conversion.  Regarding the copyright: it exists for Rome to retain publishing rights and, therefore, rights to profits from sales.  That is fine, to a point.  It would be wrong to privately publish and sell copies of Lumen Fidei, but that didn’t happen.

Lastly, some nonsense has been spewed about regarding the copyright being for the purpose of protecting the integrity of the text, to prevent people from distributing a distorted copy of the encyclical.  Rubbish!  First, a copyright provides legal recourse; it does nothing to prevent the offense.  Second, much more harm could be accomplished by writing up a completely fabricated encyclical and slapping “Franciscus” on it, or by grossly misquoting the encyclical.

Asking permission is appropriate, but denying permission is inappropriate.  I, for one, am glad that ‘Catholic Files’ chose to make Lumen Fidei downloadable in various ebook, and other, formats, and that he, or she, chose some ‘dark alleys’ to promulgate the work of Pope Francis, who is certainly more generous than his staff.


Here are some direct downloads:

Lumen Fidei .epub (65.9 KiB)

Lumen Fidei .mobi (82.1 KiB)

Lumen Fidei .pdf (687.9 KiB)

Lumen Fidei.odt (61.4 KiB)

Lumen Fidei .docx (71.1 KiB)

Lumen Fidei .txt (106.2 KiB)

UPDATE: Audio recordings of Lumen Fidei!

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