There are no Homosexuals: Sexual Preference is not an Identity

Jerzy Popieluszko, martyr

Jerzy Popie&#0322uszko © by Eoghan OLionnain

If our identity is God-given, whether acknowledged or not, then it stands to reason both that we are all heterosexual persons and that ‘homosexual’ is not an identifier but only a descriptor. For example, “He has homosexuality,” means that he has homosexual thoughts, feelings, inclinations.

There are many people who have a homosexual orientation but do not identify as gay. They wish to have a heterosexual orientation, and not because of any stigma. “Gay” is a social/political identity, and ‘homosexual’ is properly a description of a person’s sexual preference.–Preferences are not chosen, but what one does about a preference is a choice.–So, there is no such thing as a “homosexual person.” Certain persons, all being heterosexual, have homosexual tendencies.

The real problem that I am attempting to describe is the acceptance of ‘homosexual’ or ‘gay’ as an identifier, an identity. Continue reading