BroChoice Defines a People

I’m a fan of my opponents being honest, brutally honest, which is exactly why I was overjoyed, yet equally disgusted, by the new BroChoice campaign.  Define “BroChoice”?  Sure.  BroChoice is the decision to advocate for easy and cheap antepartum infanticide for the express reason that one believes women are more likely to be promiscuous.  That begs the obvious question, with an equally obvious answer, “Who wants more promiscuous women?”  Douchebags who act and think as though women exist primarily to bring them to climax.  Watch:

Oddly enough, BroChoice is kinda a double entendre, atleast in my mind.  First, by being BroChoice, you are ‘choosing your bros,’ that is prioritizing your male acquaintances’ desire for unmitigated sexual satisfaction.  Second–and this is the heart-wrenching fact that the falsely self-identified ‘pro-women’ abortionists would very much like to keep quiet–sex-selective abortions are fairly common, and, by far, innocent little girls are aborted more than little boys.  So, BroChoice also promotes the value of male life over and above female life in another way.  No matter how you look at it, being BroChoice, or whatever other name one wants to give to advocating the bloodshed of babies, means working to make sure women are around as instruments of orgasm–or, in the words of Sarah Silverman, “to blow you.”