Response to Being Banned

After assumptions were made solely on the part of others, I was banned from commenting on the Truth & Charity blog.  Some short time thereafter–minutes, hours–one single comment of mine was deleted by an editor.  Here is my response:

Andrew, it is one thing to ban a person, and it is wholly something else to selectively delete somebody’s posts, especially when the post you have deleted is 1) in reply to a warning, 2) constituted nothing more than a civil defense and an appeal to greater civility.  I must wonder what reason you had to delete that particular post alone.  According to your own expressed desires regarding the comment section content, the post you deleted was the least “disrespectful,” least “antagonistic,” and contained not the remotest hint of assumptions.  If there was but one post of mine to retain, the deleted one was certainly it.  So, why on earth did you delete that particular post?  Perhaps it was in error.  After all, I wouldn’t dare to assume what all evidence suggests, a desire to malign my character.

I anxiously await your reply, and, if my post had been deleted in error, I will gladly supply the exact text previously used so that it may be restored.


PS– In case you have already forgotten the content of the post in question:

Andrew, I wrote, or attempted to write, exactly what I meant. Text is an awful medium for expressing attitude or emotion that is mostly non-verbal anyhow, so I don’t try to. Furthermore, curt language alone is not indicative of any particular emotion or attitude.

To you and to all who are here, I ask that you would let my text speak for itself, not attributing to it or reading into it any implicit emotions or intentions. It is my intention to extend the same courtesy to everyone here. Thank you.

I will happily update this post when the Charitable folks have supplied an explanation.