The following words are meant to serve as a sort of universal addendum to everything I may write about homosexuality.

In accord with the teaching of the Catholic Church, nobody, regardless of sexual preference, has the right to exercise his or her sexuality outside of a valid marriage covenant.  This means that all sexual activities of unmarried persons are illicit.  The single heterosexual person who desires, generally, sexual contact with a person of the opposite gender may be said to be predisposed to fornication, but that is not itself sinful.  Likewise, to have a sexual preference for members of the same sex is not itself sinful.  However, in either case, engaging in sexual acts outside of marriage is wrong.

So there is no condemnation of people who have a homosexual preference.  There is no fault in being tempted; there is fault in entertaining temptation or giving in to it.  All homosexual acts are condemned, but that is similar to every heterosexual act being condemned which does not occur between married persons in accordance with God’s law.  I wish it to be clear that these facts precede anything else I might say.  Heterosexual sinners are not better sinners than homosexuals.  I leave the judgment of souls to God, but I will speak the truth about actions.

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  1. The teaching is quite clear there is no such thing as’ heterosexuality’ in catholic teaching, there is only the natural order. It is a sin for catholics to describe themselves as heterosexual and they should never fall for satans tricks on official forms etc always refuse to answer such questions. Describing yourself as heterosexual implies an ‘other’ or a ‘choice’, this is not true.


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