Why Phil Robertson is Smarter than His Critics

Can someone explain to me why GLAAD isn’t beating the war drums against GQ magazine?  After all, if the best thing is for Phil Robertson’s words to not be given a platform at A&E, then it follows that GQ shouldn’t publish them either.  Shouldn’t they be upset that GQ provided a platform for Robertson to disseminate his religious conviction that homo-sex is sinful?

Oh, that’s right, GLAAD loves having people like Phil Robertson around as fuel for their narcissistic ego-drama.  Either call for the end to free speech and get the government to punish ‘the hate-crime that is disapproval,’ or feign outrage and cry for retribution for the violation of your desire for the endorsement of your every predilection.

The layers of absolute intellectual incoherence to this fight are numerous, but allow me to point out the single greatest demonstration of irrational pseudo-thought coming from the warriors of anti-conscience known as GLAAD.  Phil Robertson expressed his belief in the sinfulness of something.  Now, putting aside the fact that this is a private conviction, the idea of sinfulness, of sin, is nonsensical apart from a belief in a divinity who cares about the affairs of men.  Sin is derived from the German Sünde, which is also where we get sunder and asunder–it refers to separation.  Sin is that which separates man from God; sin is the separation.

You cannot take offense at something devoid of meaning.–Reader, are you offended when I tell you that snuffleglocks object to your boltfrunt?–So, either GLAAD is, as I suggested earlier, feigning outrage, or they actually endorse the concepts of sin and, sin’s prerequisite, God.  It comes down to theism or bullshit.  I’m quite certain that you’ll have no trouble dispatching with the first possibility.

But permit me one final note: I began by expressing disdain for the irrationality of the GLAAD cohort.  So, in the spirit of intellectual honesty and true coherence, let me present the third option.  If GLAAD isn’t positing theism, and if they aren’t feigning, then they actually have taken offense at an idea that is incompatible with their worldview.  Yes, if they aren’t pretending to be utter fools, then they are so mentally deficient as to be upset by the notion that Mary Poppins hates homo-sex.  Thankfully, if possibility 3 is true, atleast God has greater mercy for those with little minds.