Is it Foolish to Listen to CNN?

Well, on any issue of faith, morality, or the Catholic Church: ABSOLUTELY!

If you read the idiotic CNN article about Pope Francis and civil unions, which I absolutely refuse to link, please note:

1) Pope affirmed incoherence of the notion of marriage between individuals of the same-sex.
2) Divorced Catholics are not barred from communion, per se.  (The Catholic Church bars those who enter into a ‘second’ marriage without first getting a declaration of nullity for the ‘first.’)
3) Pope affirmed what has always been; didn’t gainsay any predecessor or even come remotely close to contradicting Church teaching.
4) Mercy applies to people, not to the law. (We are merciful with those who foolishly contracept, but that has no bearing on the reality of objectively grave action.)
5) Civil unions are a civil reality, not one recognized by the Church–much like divorce.

Moreover, a civil union is not, in principle, contrary to divine law.  What is contrary to divine law is same-sex sex (aka. homosex [this is not derogatory]). So, two guys who enter into a civil union but remain chaste, are not, by this action, guilty of any particular sin. This is why the Holy Father can say what he did. That this surprises anyone only means that such people have not been very thoughtful.

A Resolution Worth Adopting

Eight days into the new year might be a bit late for a post about New Year Resolutions, but, the fact is, each day is ripe for resolutions. So, regardless of whether you have made a resolution for this year or not, here are my two universal suggestions for how to improve yourself–beginning today.

1.) On the physical front, floss more often. I’m sure this doesn’t apply to a handful of folks, but it definitely applies to most. If that seems too cumbersome, just floss around those teeth that you want to keep. [Aside: Get some K2 in your diet too.]

2.) On the spiritual front, NEVER LIE AGAIN. If you have given thought to the morality of lying and not concluded that it is always sinful, then you might be additionally guilty of casuistry. In the interest of brevity, I offer this simplest of explanaitons:

God is Truth–not _a_ truth, not one truth among many, not even the greatest truth. He IS Truth. Few things are so certain. A lie is, definitionally, inherently, without exception, contrary to truth–this is the character that makes it a lie. Every lie is an offense to truth and thus an offense to God.  It is no accident that Satan is identified as the progenitor of lies.

So, commit to it! Resolve that from this day forward you will never deliberately knowingly utter a false statement ever again.

Not everyone is a liar; only those who lie.

An Intolerable Prophet

There’s a man going around very publicly criticizing the government, and, worse, he’s preaching. I don’t mean that he is talking about ‘god’ in the abstract or in some vague, agnostic sense. No, he’s preaching about Jesus the Christ. And he’s using his religious beliefs to justify all manner of social and political ideas that he expounds in massive public gatherings. He’s quoting the Bible. He’s quoting Sts. Augustine and Aquinas. He’s appealing to “Natural Law”! And on top of all of this, the man is advocating civil disobedience. He is condemning the ruling class for their “abuses” and so-called “injustices.”

Thanks be to God for sending MLK when he did, because his message is intolerable today. Men who say what he said are now known as intolerant bigots. If that isn’t a testament to the current perversion of society, I don’t know what is.