Is it Foolish to Listen to CNN?

Well, on any issue of faith, morality, or the Catholic Church: ABSOLUTELY!

If you read the idiotic CNN article about Pope Francis and civil unions, which I absolutely refuse to link, please note:

1) Pope affirmed incoherence of the notion of marriage between individuals of the same-sex.
2) Divorced Catholics are not barred from communion, per se.  (The Catholic Church bars those who enter into a ‘second’ marriage without first getting a declaration of nullity for the ‘first.’)
3) Pope affirmed what has always been; didn’t gainsay any predecessor or even come remotely close to contradicting Church teaching.
4) Mercy applies to people, not to the law. (We are merciful with those who foolishly contracept, but that has no bearing on the reality of objectively grave action.)
5) Civil unions are a civil reality, not one recognized by the Church–much like divorce.

Moreover, a civil union is not, in principle, contrary to divine law.  What is contrary to divine law is same-sex sex (aka. homosex [this is not derogatory]). So, two guys who enter into a civil union but remain chaste, are not, by this action, guilty of any particular sin. This is why the Holy Father can say what he did. That this surprises anyone only means that such people have not been very thoughtful.

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