The Joy of the Gospel .epub Generator

Some folks take issue with a member of the Church distributing Church documents to Church members.  I don’t, but some do.  So, while I have no intention of making copies of The Joy of the Gospel unavailable, I will offer an additional method of attaining an .epub version of Pope Francis’ latest exhortation…

Step 1.)  Go to the Vatican’s English copy of The Joy of the Gospel.

2.)  Right click the page and save it to your computer.

3.)  Rename the file to The_Joy_of_the_Gospel-Pope_Francis.epub

4.)  Download this .epub generator.

5.)  Run the patcher and point it to the renamed file from Step 3.

ALL DONE!  The file is now an actual .epub version that you can transfer to your ereader, and you may delete the .bak file that was created in the process.  [This will not work for anything but the html file!]

Technical Note: I have only tested the patcher on a Windows 7 x64 system.  If it fails to work for you, let me know.

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