Download Evangelii Gaudium for eReaders, etc. (mobi, epub, pdf, docx)

UPDATE: The English translation of Evangelii Gaudium that was initially published was temporarily removed from the Vatican website.  When it returned, a few changes had been made; you may find discussions of the changes elsewhere.  The .epub and .mobi (Kindle) versions here have been updated to the latest translation.  The other file types have not been [I will get around to it and will note here when it’s done].

Evangelii Gaudium is freely available on the vatican website, in html and, once again, a poorly formatted pdf file, but you may also download the exhortation in a variety of formats ( epub, mobi, pdf, txt, doc, rtf, etc. ) below.  So, whether you want to download Evangelii Gaudium ( The Joy of the Gospel ) for your Kindle, Nook, tablet, smartphone, pc, or anything else, you can get it here.

The download source above was posted by ‘Catholic Files‘ in the comments section of the old Lumen Fidei post.  CF made available Lumen Fidei some months ago via comment postings on Simcha Fischer’s article about Brandon Vogt receiving takedown notices for having made the text of Lumen Fidei available in various formats on his own site.

My two cents on the whole copyright matter were already shared in my original post about Lumen Fidei, so feel free to head over there if you’re interested.

EDIT: Since you find it helpful to have the Pope’s new exhortation in one of these formats, please share this on Twitter or Facebook so that others can easily find it.  Just click one of the share buttons below the download links.


Here are some direct downloads:

Evangelii Gaudium .epub (152.4 KiB)

Evangelii Gaudium .mobi (641.2 KiB)

Evangelii Gaudium .pdf (858.6 KiB)

Evangelii Gaudium .docx (180.0 KiB)

Evangelii Gaudium .txt (299.9 KiB)

Enjoy your Evangelii Gaudium ebook, and let your friends know where they can download a copy.

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  1. It is an absurd that the Holy See doesn’t provide EPUB or Kindle versions of its documents. Almost as absurd as cracking down on those who provide them and the laws that they use to justify it.

    Could you imagine if the Holy See would have freely provided electronic versions of the YouCat to the youth at WYD? Can you imagine the American bishops freely providing electronic versions of the NAB and of the CCC to 111 million Americans with smartphones? How about 1 billion people in this God’s earth who have a smartphone being able to freely download an electronic version of any document from the Vatican’s website in their own language?

    This would be an awesome opportunity for pope Francis: yes, the Church would be poorer for being able to profit from publishing deals; yes, some people could alter parts of the documents. Yet, doesn’t pope Francis prefer a Church that goes out over staying in its protected, cozy position? I can’t imagine pontiffs claiming copyright laws as excuse to failing to fulfill their mission of evangelizing in their personal judgment .

  2. Tried all your links on my android tablet, and all bring me to your aug 29, 2013 post only…not directly to E.G. except. txt..not the best format.

    • I just checked all of the direct download links, and each one of them still works. I do not have an android tablet to test with, but you can let me know if you still have trouble; I’ll be happy to email you a copy in whatever format you’d like.

  3. I’m not a Catholic, not even a Christian, but still I would like to read the work, and in a format convenient to me. I too am surprised the Vatican doesn’t make available a larger number of formats. Thanks for providing them!

  4. Thank you so much. I tried looking for this for a long time. I tried the Vatican website but the file has been removed. thank you so much. i downloaded the pdf file.


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