Would an Abortion Save a Life?

Over at Vimeo, somebody claimed:

“This is what romney/ryan would have given us: http://goo.gl/22xdz
* Heartbreaking: “The debate over legalizing abortion in Ireland flared Wednesday after the government confirmed that a woman in the midst of a miscarriage was refused an abortion and died in an Irish hospital after suffering from blood poisoning.”

To which a pro-life person ought to reply:

Foremost: yes, that is heartbreaking and awful.

First, Romney didn’t receive my vote, and I believe he should’ve received 0 votes.
Second, your idea is pure speculation, undeniably, and totally unlikely.

There is nothing morally illicit about taking necessary medical action to save the life of a pregnant woman that endangers the life of her unborn child. Direct abortion and the incidental, unintended killing of an unborn baby are two vastly different things, and the latter is permissible.

Did you know that to be the teaching of the Catholic Church?

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