Politics and Catholic Social Teaching: an exchange

Me: There’s a portion of Ron Paul supporters who are unacquainted with CST, but so are the majority of Americans and the majority of Catholics. But nothing in CST demands that the state be responsible for fulfilling my Christian moral obligations. I’m not saying that there is no role for the state, but it’s possible to have a fine nation without government welfare, especially for corporations.

Mr. Mistaken: Actually, Gaudium et Spes has quite a bit on that, I recall, as does Populorum Progressio. Welfare for corporations though? I don’t think so. But the state being responsible for righting an unfair distribution of wealth? There is aplenty, especially in the most recent encyclical.

Me: Perhaps you need to spot the delineation between the government “righting an unfair distribution of wealth” and the government righting the systemic issues that enable an unfair distribution of wealth. After all, the former is a policy matter, on which the Magisterium is fallible, while the latter is a moral issue, on which the Magisterium is infallible.

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