Life Issues in Voting

Some candidates would have us citizens participate in grave intrinsic evil by compulsion. Other candidates personally support policies that allow for evil while still respecting individual and religious liberty.

I’ve said many times that I would vote for the pro-life candidate if there was one. Abortion is by far the most important issue. Although–I’m using Gary as an example, not because I’m trying to convince you to vote for him–Gary Johnson favors pro-abortion policies, he respects religious freedom.

Naturally, the biggest Life issues are those which concern mortality: abortion and war. But there seems to me to be a very real spectrum. At the far end are things like the budget (although that does have consequences to bigger life issues). I think that we’d agree that slavery would be way up near abortion; qualitatively, the only way to more fully take away a person’s life than enslavement is death. Slavery is the privation of all liberties save one–life. So issues of liberty are integral to how we conceive of Life issues. How much one is taxed, it matters, because it could very truly equate to partial slavery–it can truly equate to the theft of what a man has appropriated to himself by the work of his hands. Still, taxation is not nearly as much a Life issue as Religious liberty.

[It has been said that religious liberty is superfluous, that it is redundant when you look at everything else in the Bill of Rights. In fact the converse is nearly true; the most essential liberty is religious liberty, and from that flows the others. Yet it seems to me that the founding fathers knew that it was important to enumerate the rights that flowed from the one, so as to more fully entrench liberty. Just look at Amendments 9 & 10.]

Anyhow, my personal evaluation has convinced me that 1) nobody on the ballot intends to do a darn thing to bring the number of abortions down [actually, I think Obama and Romney policies would increase the abortion rate], 2) Gary would not have the military and drones killing unnecessarily, 3) religious liberty has the best shot of respect under Gary.

Unless I recuse myself from voting, I cannot in good conscience vote for anyone else.

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