Chick-fil-A and Christian Solidarity

This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.

Sometimes there is no need to counter every argument and show them to be the drivel that they are.  This happens when there exists a sort of trump card, one idea that simply is far more important than the others in play.  I will never tire of using prepartum infanticide, otherwise known as abortion, as an example: Nothing ever justifies the deliberate killing of innocent human life–not rape, not incest, not mental capacities, not illness, not genetic disorders.  The truth of the sacredness of human life is trump.

Also trump: Christian love, meaning acts of love not filial feelings, for one another.  If you supported Chick-fil-A to spite anyone, you screwed up.  But if you offered support out of interest for your spited fellow believer, then you were absolutely right.  It doesn’t matter who felt alienated or spited because the object of your action was admirable and your intention was admirable–more than admirable, they were objectively good!

To have acted otherwise would have been to fail to demonstrate Christian solidarity and love for one another.  Those who are blind, we pray for them.


PS. — Francis Beckwith has a few words for you as well.

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