There are no Homosexuals: Sexual Preference is not an Identity

Jerzy Popieluszko, martyr

Jerzy Popie&#0322uszko © by Eoghan OLionnain

If our identity is God-given, whether acknowledged or not, then it stands to reason both that we are all heterosexual persons and that ‘homosexual’ is not an identifier but only a descriptor. For example, “He has homosexuality,” means that he has homosexual thoughts, feelings, inclinations.

There are many people who have a homosexual orientation but do not identify as gay. They wish to have a heterosexual orientation, and not because of any stigma. “Gay” is a social/political identity, and ‘homosexual’ is properly a description of a person’s sexual preference.–Preferences are not chosen, but what one does about a preference is a choice.–So, there is no such thing as a “homosexual person.” Certain persons, all being heterosexual, have homosexual tendencies.

The real problem that I am attempting to describe is the acceptance of ‘homosexual’ or ‘gay’ as an identifier, an identity. It is a problem because it comes with a host of social and political trappings. Many people who identify as gay wish to convince the world, and especially other persons with a homosexual orientation, that this single characteristic defines them.  This semantic shift is now 50+ years in the making. It is leading very surely to the conclusion that negative speech about homosexuality and ‘gay’ persons will be deemed hate speech. It will be treated no differently than anti-semitism. When this is codified, all people of good conscience who are faithful to the fullness of Truth will be demonized and made criminals for openly preaching the whole Gospel.

I fully expect to see Christians in prison for their defense of this truth before I die.

The man featured in the photo above is Jerzy Popie&#0322uszko.  Remember that name, atleast his first name.  He was murdered by the Communists in Poland in 1984; he is a martyr of the Church.  Jerzy was killed for his defense of truth and commitment to the dignity of the human person.  Not long now, and we will witness the termination of religious liberty in the name of other ideas trumped up as rights.  Let Jerzy be a reminder and an encouragement to be steadfast in the face of lies about the human person.
St. Jerzy, pray for us.



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